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Fast Adhesives have the ability to stick materials that contact each other almost instantly. Another feature of fast adhesives is that the materials remain wet as long as the surfaces do not touch each other (until the bonding time is exceeded). Fast adhesives dry out if the bonding time is exceeded. Dried fast adhesive can be softened with acetone. However, care must be taken when removing the dried fast adhesive. Especially on sensitive surfaces, materials such as paint and varnish can be removed along with the adhesive. Mitreapel Debonder is the professional way to clean and remove dried fast adhesives.

About Fast Adhesives

Japanese glue and fast adhesives are classified as super glue. Super adhesives have been invented by accident. During World War II in 1942, scientists at KODAK were experimenting with several chemicals called cyanoacrylates to make the sights of the weapons more sharp and accurate. However, the materials they worked on were constantly sticking together and making their work difficult. Finally, this project was abandoned. Later, from KODAK Dr. Harry Coover thought that these super-adhesive cyanoacrylates could be used as very strong adhesives. Coover and a group of scientists worked on cyanoacrylate to produce an adhesive which would later be known as the “Super Glue”. Super Adhesives have been recognized as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. From microwave ovens to optical technology, remote controls to shoes, super glue is used everywhere in life. Of all the cyanoacrylate adhesives, the strongest bond is the metal-to-metal bond. Mitreapel BK555 and Mitreapel BK355 are excellent products for this process. Fast Adhesives keep their durability longer when stored in a dry, cool and moisture-free environment. One of the most common problems we have when using fast adhesives is sticking the cap to the bottle. For re-use of cyanoacrylate adhesives, the opening cover can be wiped with acetone. This allows you to prevent the cap from sticking to the bottle when you are finished with adhesive. Fast Adhesives have an incredible tensile strength. Therefore, it is very difficult to remove the adhesive that sticks to your fingers. In this case, apply Mitreapel Debonder to your fingers and make circular movements to remove the adhesive from your fingers. Cyanoacrylate based instant adhesives are produced by BETA Kimya Inc. for the first time in Turkey as Mitreapel brand.

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