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What should you do to fill gaps


There may be areas in your home or workplace that you need to fill and isolate before construction or after new renovations. Or you have changed the decoration of your home and at that time a structural gap occurred and you need to fill that space and isolate it. What should you do? All you […]

Did You Know

beta kimiya instant

Fast Adhesives have the ability to stick materials that contact each other almost instantly. Another feature of fast adhesives is that the materials remain wet as long as the surfaces do not touch each other (until the bonding time is exceeded). Fast adhesives dry out if the bonding time is exceeded. Dried fast adhesive can […]

We Introduced Our New Products at INTERMOB 2019

beta kimiya

INTERMOB 2019 Fair is a fair where wood, forest products and technology trends are determined and the leading companies of furniture industry and accessories sector present their products and services. As BETA Kimya, we participated with two booths at the INTERMOB 2019 Fair which was held at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center between 12-16 October […]

What is Slime


Slime is the English word used for a new generation play dough, which means “balçık” in Turkish.  Slime is particularly a center of attraction for the kids, and this partially fluid, non-stick material with various colors has become very popular in our country during the recent months. Although it can be found in toy stores, digital platforms […]

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