What should you do to fill gaps



There may be areas in your home or workplace that you need to fill and isolate before construction or after new renovations. Or you have changed the decoration of your home and at that time a structural gap occurred and you need to fill that space and isolate it. What should you do?

All you need is a stable and rigid APEL polyurethane foam with good micro-cell forming properties. What is a micro cell? It is one of the most important elements showing the chemical formula quality of the foam that completes its curing. When cured foam is cut, there should be no structural voids and asymmetries in the foam. The foam should be as dense as possible and without spaces. This is called a micro cell.

After polyurethane foams are applied, they gain volume, advance in construction spaces and fill the empty spaces by swelling. Thus, gaps (joint gaps) are closed and isolated. Depending on the ambient conditions, you can cut the excess parts of the foams that have cured between 45 minutes and 2 hours. The cut foam is sanded and its roughness is removed. Then, by applying surface treatments such as plaster and paint, you will successfully fill the gaps.

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